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The Great Madrid Gift Emporium Ghost Town Lodging

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the middle of a major movie production? Well this site is for you. It documents the production of the recently released Disney movie Wild Hogs in Madrid, New Mexico.

Most of the images were taken by yours truly Bruce McIntosh for a planned photo CD "The making of Wild Hogs, a residents view". Several other photographers in town were also shooting during this event and have allowed me to include their work.

The preparation phase ran from early January through June 9. In Madrid this included casting calls, the construction of Maggie's Diner and the Chili Festival set and the overall transformation of Madrid into something that has been likened to Mayberry New Mexico.

The shoot ran from June 12 through July 14. It was amazing that the controlled chaos we observed produced such a smooth final product. This chaos created some real challenges for the residents but the great majority of us enjoyed being part of this project.

You will recognize some of the scenes from the movie and you will also see what goes on behind the cameras in a major movie production.

When you have seen enough pictures of the production check out the links below and see what the real Madrid New Mexico is like and why you should visit.

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